We really, really miss being in the air with all of you.  And although it’s a little tough to teach aerial classes from the floor and without an apparatus, we’re throwing caution to the wind and giving it a shot. Anything we can do to keep our bodies moving and help maintain our aerial chops during this uncertain time is a positive in our book.
Taking a class is easy!  Just use your Canopy Mindbody account to register for the classes you’d like to take, $10 each.  If you’re not a current student, just create an account through our website and you’re set.  Fifteen minutes before the start of the class, your instructor will text/email you a link to the class.   Download the free Zoom app on your phone or go create an account through your computer.  And if you have additional suggestions for live Zoom classes for aerialists, email Melissa@canopystudio.org.