Canopy Outreach Program

Over the past several years, we’ve seen an increase in enrollment, new classes for children and adults, and more community performances in our space. In addition to offering year-round classes, workshops, and summer camps, we have worked very hard to create a program for individuals who may need additional instruction or one-on-one attention. This year we have provided about 30 individuals with disabilities with private lessons at no charge. Parents and caregivers have reported that participating in trapeze and movement classes has given their children opportunities to develop strength, listening skills, and the ability to sequence tasks that is carried over into other parts of their lives once they leave the studio. The participants experience success that is measured by their individual growth. Many say, “Trapeze is the thing I am good at,” after years of trying other sports and dance programs.

In fall of 2011, we began a partnership with Chase Street Elementary School to offer weekly lessons to students in their After School Program at no cost to the school or to the students.  The sixteen students were taught by three Canopy instructors and assisted by four advanced trapeze teen volunteers.  This program is a huge success; and thanks to generous donations, we continue to offer this wonderful After School program.

At Canopy, our mission is to offer a center that enriches the lives of individuals through aerial dance, movement education, and performance arts. The well-trained teachers and volunteers at Canopy love what they do. Our outreach goals include expanding our programming and reaching new participants who might not otherwise have had the opportunity to participate in aerial arts.

By now, most of us recognize how lucky Athens is to have a vibrant community aerial arts center.

With increased funding, we can increase our ability to take what Canopy offers out into the community, so that any child or adult who wants to be a part of Canopy can have that opportunity. That, right now, is our utmost goal. Because trapeze really is more than just hanging upside down and having fun — it builds strength and confidence physically and creatively. And this is something folks will take with them — whether it’s a school project or a future career move.

Thanks to all of our supporters for a great year at the studio. Please visit an earlier outreach newsletter to see a general highlight of our activities.