Canopy Studio’s Policies and Procedures manual for students and their families can be viewed here. Policies are set by the Board of Directors and are updated and edited on an on-going basis and as needed. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Download – 2022 Canopy Handbook (PDF)


Sickness Policy

If you are sick, we ask you to remain at home. We have several ways for you to make-up your class. You can email info@canopystudio.org or talk with your instructor about make-up options.

If you are exposed to COVID or other illnesses, please consider wearing a mask. If you test positive for COVID, please follow CDC guidelines – isolate for 5 days and then mask for 5 days if you are able to return to class.

Do not come to class if you have a fever. You must be fever free for 24 hours without medication before returning. Also, if you have stomach issues from either end, please wait 24 hours without issue before returning.

Registration & Payment

All students must register and pay for the session or set-up a payment plan in advance of the session beginning. Canopy will only issue account credits/refunds if we have to cancel more than two weeks of classes. This will be calculated within 30 days of the end of the session. Refunds will incur an additional $20 admin fee. Students are encouraged to make up any cancelled class online. Additionally, no payment disputes will be considered after 90 days from the transaction date. Account credits will expire after 12 months. Thanks for your understanding during this unprecedented time.

Private lessons must be paid in advance. For private lesson cancellations, contact your instructor 24 hrs in advance. Without the 24 hr notice, you will be charged. If a lesson is cancelled due to COVID, every effort will be made to reschedule.

Open Studio Policies

  1. Only currently enrolled adult students are allowed in open studio.
  2. Participants must have completed ONE full session of the apparatus before attending Open Studio.
  3. Respect the authority of the supervising instructor. The supervising instructor has the final say in all matters regarding safety and participation.
  4. Open Studio is a time to practice skills that you have studied with an instructor in a Canopy class. It is not a time to teach yourself new skills or see if you can figure out that fancy move you saw on social media.
  5. Ask for help if you need it! The supervising instructor is available to refresh your memory regarding skills that you have been taught in your class. If you don’t know a skill, don’t ask the supervisor to give you a private lesson on something new.
  6. Use equipment you have been trained on. Open Studio time is for practicing skills you have learned in class.
  7. Don’t teach in the space. There is absolutely no teaching of students by students. Skill sharing among advanced level students who are enrolled in Canopy classes is allowed; teaching new skills to less experienced students is not.
  8. If you are questioning whether or not you can practice certain skills, please check in with the supervising instructor before proceeding.
  9. Be courteous toward others using the space. This is meant to be a cooperative, supportive environment in which people can practice their skills. Refrain from monopolizing the sound system or playing the same song on repeat.
  10. Follow our rules, have fun and be safe!