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The Repertory Company  is one of the Southeast’s premier professional aerial dance companies. The Repertory Company is the group of adults who serve as one of the creative engines of the studio and furthers Canopy’s mission through performance, service and ambassadorship, and instruction. We believe everything we do as a company should directly reflect, support, and uplift the studio’s purpose.

Susan Murphy brought aerial dance to us from her years at Berkeley. The Repertory Company was Susan’s dancers to put her choreography on. We were her artistic vision come to life. Then as her children, we grew up and took the work further, making it our own then teaching it to our growing student base. We’re the next generation of aerial dance artists.

The Repertory Company was always meant to be the professional performance company of our very specific type of aerial dance – at that time uncommon in the aerial world. In the beginning we were just dancers, and because we wanted to push Susan’s work further, we became leaders within Canopy.  It’s born out of love – intimate, personal, passionate, and moving – we’re deeply connected as movers to this work. It’s what makes Canopy different from most every other studio you’ll ever walk into. 

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Fall 2022  ·  Divas
Spring 2022  ·
Fall 2020  · 
Eerily Familiar
Fall 2019  ·  The Goth Show
Fall 2018  ·  Mystic
Spring 2018  ·  Lightness of Being
Fall 2017  ·  Everything that Rises
Spring 2017  ·  15th Annivesary Show
Fall 2016  ·  Epic-est
Spring 2016  ·  True Colors
Fall 2015  ·  The Set Up
Spring 2015  ·  CanopyCon
Fall 2014  ·  High Stakes
Spring 2014  ·  Aerial Theater 3000
Fall 2013  ·  Epic-er
Spring 2013  ·  Air Playground
Fall 2012  ·  Over the Rainbow
Spring 2012  ­·  Evolve
Fall 2011  ·  What Flies Beneath
Spring 2011  ·  Classic City, Double Barrel, Royal Sequined Aerial Circus
Fall 2010  ·  Epic
Spring 2010  ·  Fractured fAIRy Tales
Fall 2009  ·  Pirates of the Airrr
Spring 2009  ·  Perchance to Dream
Fall 2008  ·  None More Black
Spring 2008  ·  Water Body
Fall 2007  ·  Arioso
Spring 2007  ·  Merge
Fall 2006  ·  Enough!
Spring 2006  ·  Renewal
Fall 2005  ·  Hallowinged
Spring 2005  ·  Say I am You
Fall 2004  ·  Parting the Veils
Spring 2004  ·  Been Down So Long
Fall 2003  ·  Cyles
Spring 2003  ·  Eco Log
Fall 2002  ·  Women of the World