Sam Denney

Senior Instructor – Dance Trapeze, Slings, Bungee, Invented Equipment
Repertory Company Member

Sam Denney has been an essential part of Canopy’s family for over a decade. As a senior instructor, she teaches all levels of sling and trapeze in both our teen and adult programs. Her versatility extends to teaching inventive apparatus and bungee disciplines. Notably, Sam’s contributions have been pivotal in shaping Canopy’s slings curriculum. Beyond her role, she embraces continuous learning, actively participating in various educational opportunities. She has had the privilege of training with and learning from numerous aerialists across the nation, counting among them performers from Cirque du Soleil.

Sam’s commitment extends beyond skill development; she’s dedicated to fostering an environment where everyone feels welcomed, supported, and valued. With a strong belief in inclusivity, body positivity, and expressive authenticity, Sam ensures that her teaching space is one where individuals are encouraged to flourish and thrive.”