Canopy in the Community

As a aerial arts center, Canopy Studio’s most important goal is to enrich the culture of our community and the lives of individuals through flying dance trapeze, movement education and performance arts. Canopy is a resource for local artists and all individuals, regardless of background, age, or physical ability, providing instruction in movement arts and a much-needed venue for viewing and participating in dance experiences. Most importantly, we seek to reach out to diverse populations within our community. We have several scholarships available upon request and often donate our weekend hours to hosting workshops, classes, or performances in an outreach capacity.

National Core Arts Standards

We refer to the National Core Arts Standards as the guideline for our movement arts education workshops. Educators document these standards when applying for field trip permission and other visual experiences with our organization.

1. Creating
2. Performing/Presenting/Producing
3. Responding
4. Connecting

Canopy’s work in the community is everywhere!!

Here are just a few highlights from Outreach program over the past few years:

  • Pinewoods Community/LatinX Saturday Outreach Class
  • After-School Program with Chase Street Elementary
  • Project SAFE workshops
  • Workshops with Advantage Behavioral Health Systems, Butterfly Dreams and Georgia Options
  • Camp DIVE (formerly Summer Explorers) and CCSD
  • Camp Champion
  • Summer Open Hearts
  • Field trips with Fowler Drive, Whit Davis, Stroud, Hilsman, Ila, Colbert, South Jackson, Whitehead Rd, Gaines School, Malcolm Bridge, Cedar Shoals, Clarke Central, and Barnett Shoals Schools ESOL, SPED and AU programs
  • Teens in Action, ACC Leisure Services
  • Pinewoods Children’s Day and LatinoFest Celebration
  • Oconee County Library, acro performance and instruction
  • Performances at East Athens Community Center, Dreamfest, ACC Public Library, Colham Ferry FallFest, West Broad Market, North Athens First Fridays, Hilsman Middle School HilFest and Wild Rumpus!


Canopy will be applying for additional grant funding. Stay tuned for our progress and upcoming plans.