Our Mission

Canopy Studio is a community arts center.

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to enriching the culture of our community and the lives of individuals through flying dance trapeze, movement education and performance arts. Canopy is a resource for local artists and all individuals, regardless of background, age, or physical ability, providing instruction in movement arts and a much-needed venue for viewing and participating in performances.

Canopy reaches out to diverse populations in our community.

Canopy allows everyone to benefit from our programs, classes, and performances. We offer workshops, performances, and outreach initiatives; we’re always seeking ways to increase our community presence. Classes currently offered include trapeze, fabrics, acrobatics, conditioning, and flexibility classes.

Canopy provides a safe space for creation and collaboration.

Our partnerships with artists of all mediums help to build links to creators and teachers in communities everywhere, bringing new performances and learning opportunities to Northeast Georgia.

Canopy is dedicated.

The Canopy Repertory Company forms the backbone of the organization, teaching classes and workshops and presenting two major performances a year. With over 70 classes offered each week plus workshops, student performances and community outreach – the Canopy staff, teachers and Repertory Company work to continue the generosity of spirit and commitment with which the organization began.

Board of Directors

The Canopy Studio Board of Directors are a group of dedicated individuals who give so much of their time and effort to ensure that Canopy is a thriving community arts center.

Members of Canopy’s Board are:

  • Kevin Bates, President
  • Alicia Nickles, Vice President
  • Sam Drennen, Treasurer
  • Greg Smith, Secretary
  • Mazie Bowen, Repertory Company Rep
  • Katrina Evans
  • Shain Dyckman
  • Paige Otwell
  • Sally Speed
  • Penny Jackson
  • Shannah Montgomery