Canopy Financial Aid Opportunities

The studio provides a significant amount of in-kind funding so that our classes are available to anyone. As our studio continues to grow, so does our Outreach program – in 2019 alone we have provided approximately $47,500 worth of scholarships, and $18,400 worth of free community workshops and performances.

Scholarship applications are available five weeks before each session of classes in the studio and on our website. Financial Aid is awarded based on documented financial need or referrals from our partner agencies for those with special needs.

New guidelines have been approved by the Board of Directors. Please be sure to read these before applying for aid.

The deadline for financial aid applications will be three weeks before the start of each session.  Please read the application carefully, some details have changed.  No late or incomplete applications will be accepted. Email with questions about our financial aid program, and to find out when the next application window begins.

Laura Conroy Community Light Award

Laura Grace Conroy – “A spirit so bright this world could not hold her.”

Those who knew Laura – and so many did – knew she was full of light and love and energy. She reached wide and far and changed many lives for the better. She had a joy for life, a love for community, a deep artistic nature, a lust for travel, and a desire to make the world a better place. Let’s keep on embracing those qualities for her.

One of Laura’s greatest passions was her work as an aerial artist and an instructor at Canopy Studio in Athens, Georgia. On the pole, the trapeze, and the silks she personified grace, beauty, and strength.  On the ground she inspired her students to believe in themselves and not be afraid to fly.

Another of Laura’s great passion was helping people. She spearheaded a program to bring in and teach scholarship-funded classes at Canopy Studio to members of the underserved Migrant-Latino community in her hometown of Athens. She wanted her students to have a space to dance, perform, and thrive. Her compassion and dedication to her students and community will never be forgotten.

Laura Conroy Community Light Award

To honor Laura’s memory, the Conroy Family and Canopy Studio have established an annual scholarship – for more info, please see the Scholarship Application

We could not be more ecstatic to announce the Laura Conroy Community Light Award recipient for 2020 – April Greene. April is a tireless advocate for women, access to healthcare, social justice, and de-stigmatizing mental heath. The LCCL Award provides a year of classes for the recipient through scholarship donations to the Laura Conroy Memorial Fund. Please consider making a donation or nominating someone in the future. More info can be found through the link on our profile.


Memorial Fund

The Laura Conroy Memorial Fund will help Canopy carry on Laura’s mission and make the program the success she envisioned. Through the Laura Conroy Memorial Fund, Canopy Studio will continue to provide performance arts and aerial instruction to the underserved Migrant-Latino Community in Athens, Georgia.

This Fund is established and operated by Laura’s family: Mike Conroy, Liz Conroy, and Mary Conroy Almada in collaboration with Canopy Studio.

Donate to the Laura Conroy Memorial Fund

You can make a contribution to the fund with a check made out to Athens Area Community Foundation – make sure to note Laura Conroy Memorial Fund on the memo line.

Please mail checks to: Athens Area Community Foundation, P.O. Box 1543, Athens, GA 30603.

Thank you for your support in keeping Laura’s work and memory shining on.