Victoria Slaboda

Senior Instructor – Dance Trapeze, Pole

Victoria has been working at Canopy since 2012, first as a volunteer with our pre-school trapeze classes but now as a Senior Instructor teaching trapeze and vertical pole to all ages. Victoria grew up taking many different dance classes and loves to mix movement styles and incorporate them into aerial dance. Victoria is dedicated to bringing the joy of movement and dance to all people, her top priority is fostering a safe and encouraging class environment where students can gain confidence and feel encouraged to be bold, try new things, and build a community. As a long time resident of Athens, Victoria deeply cares about the community and has been involved in many of Canopy’s community outreach events as well as performances both big and small. Victoria continues to challenge themselves by branching out and working with other instructors at Canopy as well as throughout the country, with a strong belief that a good instructor is always a student as well, Victoria seeks out workshops and training opportunities whenever available. Victoria has certifications from X-Pert, Cleo’s Rock N Pole, and Classical Pilates Education, as well as a bronze medal from the 2015 PSO Southern Pole Championships.