Rabun Neves

Senior Instructor – Dance Trapeze, Circus Trapeze, Partner Trapeze
Repertory Company Member

Rabun began her aerial career studying under Susan Murphy when Canopy opened in 2002.  A year later Rabun joined the Repertory Company and has never stopped exploring.  Training mostly at Canopy but also at Nimble Arts, LEAP, Frequent Flyers, San Diego Circus Center, and NECCA she works on all things trapeze (dance, circus, flying, swinging), as well as aerial fabrics, hula hoops, and invented equipment.  Rabun teaches adult trapeze and duo trapeze classes at Canopy.  Studying dance and movement arts from the age of 3, Rabun loves teaching others how to dance in the air and make the movement their own.  She has served Canopy Studio in multiple capacities since its creation – student, performer, teacher, board member, and board president. Rabun and her husband/trapeze partner James Neves are bringing up their own aspiring trapeze artists – daughters Tyus and Deborah. Rabun is also a pharmacist and owns Hodgson’s Pharmacy. In her spare time she enjoys creating costumes, sewing, traveling, exploring nature, reading, and generally being silly with her family.