Melissa Wilson

Senior Instructor – Dance Trapeze
Repertory Company Member

When she’s not wrangling 4-year-olds at Barrow Elementary School, Melissa Wilson can generally be found either in the air or on the ground at Canopy, where she joined the Repertory Company in 2008. Melissa has performed on dance trapeze, bungees, Spanish Web and various invented metal equipment, and with her frequent-partner Carlynn Kenna, has astounded Canopy audiences with incredible ground-based acrobatics as well. Melissa came to Canopy as a student in 2003 where she studied with Canopy founder Susan Murphy, who became both her friend and mentor. Outside the studio Melissa finds her life enriched to overflowing by her faith, her close relationships with family and friends, her precious dog Boo, and days on the river. This, along with her love and commitment to all children have enabled her to have an abundantly full life.