James Neves

Senior Instructor – Dance Trapeze, Fabrics, Circus Trapeze, Partner Trapeze, Fabrics
Repertory Company Member

James has been part of the Canopy Family since 2009. He has great appreciation for how Canopy provides to people of all ages and abilities opportunity for self-expression, play, overcoming challenges, building strength, and even providing physical and emotional therapy. James performs on both dance and circus trapeze, lyra, fabrics, and invented equipment, and has received training at NECCA and San Diego Circus Center in addition to Canopy Studio. James currently teaches duo trapeze and fabrics and has also taught dance trapeze to both children and adults. Canopy is not the only place where James celebrates his love of all things aerial, as in his spare time he is an avid bird-watcher. James spends his days helping members of the community through his role as a Financial Advisor with Edward Jones Investments. His favorite times are spent with his two daughters, Deborah and Tyus, and his loving wife Rabun.