Allyson Mann

Senior Instructor – Rope, Fabrics, Lyra
Repertory Company Member

Allyson Mann moved to Athens for grad school and, like a lot of people, never left. She has always enjoyed exercising—ultimate frisbee, yoga, kickboxing—but had trouble sticking with anything for more than two years. In 2003 that changed when she discovered Canopy and the joy of defying gravity. By day she works as an editor, and by night she feeds her aerial addiction by teaching silks and trapeze. She also fulfills her circus dreams by studying flying trapeze at Leap, where she is known to hoard the twisty belt and leave chalk handprints on her fellow flyers. She shares her home with an assortment of rescued furbabies: Sadie Lou Hammersmith, canine levitator and Head Dishcleaner; Zoe Kensington-Hightower, feline biscuit maker and Professional Diva; and StellaLuna Marylebone, feline alarm clock and Late-Night Tormentor of Frogs.

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