Kay Stanton

Junior Instructor – Dance Trapeze
Repertory Company Member

Kay Stanton has been involved with Canopy off and on since 2003, training on dance trapeze, fabrics, rope, lyra, and partner trap. She loves sharing her passion of flying and sense of adventure with her students and aerial partners. Kay began teaching adult dance trapeze classes in 2016 and finds joy in creative problem solving and the physics of motion as well as the portrayal of emotion in aerial work. She works with individuals to discover their unique strengths, all the while learning from those around her. She is very interested in the body’s ability to adapt, heal, and evolve with injury and age, and how aerial work can strengthen people physically and mentally. 

In addition to her time spent at Canopy, Kay is active in the Athens community, working in the Office of Experiential Learning at UGA, playing in bands, and as a visual artist.