Canopy offers a wide array of classes for all skill levels, ages and interests!


kids-classesWhat if I have never done this before?

Anyone can participate in our classes, regardless of previous experience or abilities. Don’t worry that you might not be strong enough. Our instructors will teach you the skills you need to learn, so just bring a positive attitude and a willingness to learn!

Is it safe?

Our trapezes are adjustable and we always have mats underneath our equipment. We also teach the importance of spotting and partnering—so there’s nothing to fear!

What will I learn in my first class?

The class will begin with a warm up/introduction on the mats. Then you will be introduced to the trapeze bar and you will slowly learn tricks in a safe progression. After you’ve completed one session of trapeze, you are eligible to attend our Saturday Open Studio times to work on your skills. One of our instructors will be there to answer any questions you might have.

What should I wear?

Work out type clothes- tights, leggings, sweat pants if they are not too baggy… jeans are usually too tight. We discourage shorts because the backs of your knees will be more comfortable on the bar if your skin is not bare. You should wear clothes in which you can move freely, yet they should not be so loose they get in your way. If you have long hair tie it back.

Can I start at any time or do I have to wait for the beginning of a session?

It is best to start classes at the beginning of the session, but check with the teacher and/or director for special exceptions. Private lessons are always available if you want to get started before the beginning of the next session of classes.

Students interested in taking fabrics / silks classes must have a full session of trapeze before enrolling in a fabrics class. Students must be at least 14 before enrolling in a teen silk class and have completed a full session of trapeze. Students  between the ages of 11-14 may begin taking fabrics in private lessons. Contact our director to schedule these lessons.

What does it cost?

Canopy offers classes in 9 or 10 week sessions. A 9 week session, of one hour class per week, costs $153 and a 10 week session is $170. Some children’s classes are 45 minutes and are priced accordingly. We give a 15% discount for additional classes taken within the same session, either for you or a family member. We ask that you commit to all classes within a session as the skills taught in each class build upon the ones before.

To register, you must create an account in our Mindbody system and pay the tuition before your first class.

If you are interested in private lessons, please click on the Private Lesson tab above.

General Info

Canopy offers a wide array of classes for all ages and abilities. Classes are taught by qualified and trained Canopy staff.

For more information about classes, contact

First time student?

After we have helped you decide on the best class for you or your child, please create an account through our on-line registration system in Mindbody HERE.


REGISTRATION: If you are brand new to Canopy, you must have the permission of the instructor to register for classes above the Beginner I level. To request information about which class might be best for you, please email your name and contact info to We will then guide you to our on-line registration system through Mindbody. You will create an account, sign our waiver, and enroll there.

TUITION / LATE FEES: FULL PAYMENT IS DUE THE FIRST DAY OF CLASS. Please make every effort to pay on-line before each session. We do accept checks, payable to Canopy Studio, and cash at the studio but please reference the students name and class taken on the check. It is the students responsibility to request a receipt for cash payments. Tuition paid more than one week after the due date is subject to a $5/week late fee.

DISCOUNT PROGRAM: We offer a 15% discount for each additional child to families with more than one child registered per session (please note, this does not apply to drop-in classes).

MAKE-UP POLICY: Classes may be made up within the same session by attending either an open studio or a class of the same or lower level. Check with your teacher when visiting a new class. For class cancellations, check our website or the class instructor will be in contact. Canopy follows the Athens Clarke County inclement weather policy.

Studio Rules

For Your Safety:

  1. No one is allowed on the equipment, unless directly supervised or given specific permission by a Canopy instructor.
  2. No one is allowed on any apparatus or equipment unless they have signed a liability waiver form & have properly enrolled in the class, private lesson, workshop, or performance.
  3. All participants, or parents of minor participants, must notify the instructor of any physical or emotional limitations that may effect the participant’s participation & safety.
  4. Participants & parents of minor participants must appreciate the risks of participation. Any activity involving height & /or motion has the potential for unintentional injury.
  5. A clean studio is a safe studio — please, no shoes on the bamboo floor, no food on the floor or mats & keep your personal belongings neatly on or under a chair on the risers
  6. In case of emergency or injury, please immediately notify your instructor. There is a first aid kit in the equipment room, aka pod, with ice packs and a first aid/CPR manual.
  7. Visitors and observers may watch the class from inside the studio only if you are quiet and do not disrupt the class in progress. Please refrain from speaking to your child or others during class time — if you need to communicate with someone in the class, please speak with the instructor first.
  8. When your class is over, please take caution not to disrupt the next class. You may use Studio B, when available, for further class discussion.
  9. Payment is due by the second class of each session, unless special arrangements. After that, a late fee of $5 will be applied to tuition.
  10. Please use the rosin sparingly and over the plastic container.
  11. Please make sure you have all your belongings when you leave the studio.

Please see our Canopy Policies and Procedures Manual for details.

Thank you for helping make Canopy a safe place to work & play!