Dear Canopy Community,

Some days it feels silly to “swing around in the air” when we consider the strife and struggle that others face both here and across the globe; and yet I feel it is important to recognize the love and appreciation we share in our Canopy community that helps light us through the dark times.

In the nonprofit world I think about the primary, life-sustaining assistance that organizations give to people in need: the food, shelter, healthcare, and safety needs that must be met to exist in this world.  Canopy is different; we are striving to provide life-enriching opportunities so that the very human needs of belonging and sharing can also be met.  We want to feed the creative souls, provide a shelter in which to gather, allow for healthy exercise, and encourage self-expression opportunities within the safety of our space.  

If you participate in only one or two areas of Canopy programming you might not be able to see the rich tapestry that reflects who we are as a whole.  Children’s programming is magical, teens have a safe place to explore who they are growing into, and adults learn to play again.  Our teachers and staff get to witness these little discoveries throughout the 90+ classes we teach every week. But beyond the physical training and instruction there are additional layers of opportunities for personal growth.  Performers have a chance to tell a story, people who need accessibility support are held and allowed access, audiences come together and witness another world for an hour or two, the participants and teachers are enriched.

As we close 2023, I want to acknowledge that collectively we have experienced several formidable years; yet within Canopy we gather, we grieve and we celebrate, we process our trauma and share our joys and challenges. It is an honor to be a part of an organization that offers this type of life enrichment, and I am grateful to you for being a part of our community.

With Gratitude,

Ann Woodruff
Executive Director