Answer: $66,109 is the value of the 49 workshops and performances, and the 243 scholarships Canopy provided to students with financial or special needs – in 2019 alone!

But numbers only tell part of the story:
“When Sam first started with Canopy, he had difficulty crawling or rolling over, poor muscle tone, impaired muscle coordination, low endurance and couldn’t pull himself up in an upright position. He slowly bonded with Canopy staff, who were and are very patient with him.
“At first, his lessons would often have to be shortened due to his endurance but now he completes his full lessons without complaining. He has developed upper body strength that allows him to pull himself up, and is beginning to learn to stand upright. His lower body is responding more and more to the therapy that he is receiving at Canopy.
“He has just started twice a week lessons with his teacher, Ann Woodruff, who has been the primary person to bring about so many of the changes we are seeing in Sam. What we, his family, have witnessed since he started attending Canopy is amazing and, if I might say so, miraculous.”
– Peter “Papa Pete” Banyai, Sam’s grandfather

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