Annaka Woodruff

Senior Instructor – Dance Trapeze, Flexibility

Annaka found Canopy Studio in 2010 and started teaching in 2018. She’s not tall enough to be a Rockette but has loved ballet, theater, and dance since she was a small child. Aerial dance has become her favorite form of creative movement – and teaching and sharing that creativity with other adults has become her passion. She teaches dance trapeze and flexibility classes and FIRMLY believes all of us can increase our strength and flexibility, and she’s always ready to work to adapt an exercise to the needs of each student.

Annaka trained with a variety of ballet schools as a teen and young adult. She taught ballet classes to children off and on for thirty years and began teaching strength and flexibility courses at the YMCA as a way to promote healthy, pain-free lifestyles. She’s trained with several flexibility and contortion instructors and has been certified by the National Aerobics and Fitness Trainers Association.

Annaka has a large family she loves dearly and spends as much time with them as possible. She walks her dog, loves the outdoors, rescues kittens, eats too much ice cream, reads a lot, and is always on the lookout for the South’s best biscuit.