Register now for Late Fall 2021 Session, October 11 – December 19! (Late registrations, email

A few new things to look for in the Fall 2 session:

  • Julie P will be offering Pilates for Aerialists on Wednesdays at 7pm,
  • Juli B is offering an Intro to Handstands on Wednesdays at 7pm,
  • Julie B is doing an Intro to Pole class on Thursdays at 7pm.
  • Katie Grace and Lily are teaching an Intro to Trapeze class for 2nd -5th grades on Saturday at 10am
  • Saturday Open Studio will move to 9am Starting October 9th

Please note: Students must register and pay for the 10-week session in advance. Canopy will only issue account credits/refunds if we have to cancel more than two weeks of classes. This will be calculated within 30 days of the end of the session. Refunds will incur an additional $20 admin fee. Students are encouraged to make up any cancelled class online. Additionally, no payment disputes will be considered after 90 days from the transaction date. Account credits will expire after 12 months. Thanks for your understanding!