BYO Choreo Workshop (Pole)
Learn how to choreograph for your skill level! 7:30pm · 75 minutes · $30
Grunge Bungee
Jump and fly to a sweet 90s playlist · April 28 & May 11 · no experience necessary · 16+ · $30

Workshops with Juli – March 28 – April 2

Tuesday, March 28

7:00pm – 8:30pm: Handstands
This all-levels class is designed for everything from beginner students learning their very first handstand to intermediate level hand-balancers looking to work on stability, form and endurance. Every student will receive individual instruction for their level and walk away with a unique plan for their ongoing training.

Pre-req: none

Friday, March 31

5:45pm – 7:15pm: Flying Pole
Those familiar with standard pole can try their favorite apparatus in a new format. This workshop will teach climbs, inversions, spins and combos that are particularly well-suited to a suspended apparatus. Finally, students will get wild with revolutions and swings – a unique capability of the flying pole.

Pre-req: strict invert, recommended intermediate and up

7:30pm – 8:30pm: Pole Climbs
For students who are new to climbing or who find it challenging, this workshop is a session entirely dedicated to tips, tricks, and drills that will make pole climbing as efficient and effortless as possible.

Pre-req: Intro to pole (this class is specifically for students who struggle with their climb)

Saturday, April 1

5:00pm – 6:30pm: Pole Handstands & Forearmstands
Inversions on the floor can make for great entries and exits from the pole, as well as a beautiful and dynamic addition to your floorwork and flow. This workshop will cover several seamless ways to incorporate forearm stands and handstands into pole combos without the need for extensive gymnastics experience.

Pre-req: comfortable going upside down; recommended Beginner 3+ or some handstands experience already

6:45pm – 8:15pm: Duo Pole
Schedule a date night with you and your pole bestie. This partner-based workshop will introduce some fun and approachable doubles skills and flows including creative duo entries and exits from the pole, intertwined spins, and even supporting each other’s weight in the air.

Pre-req: Confident in climbing and pole stands and comfortable in different sit variations; needs to be comfortable being in each other’s personal space

Sunday, April 2

1:00pm – 2:30pm: Ayeshas 101
For those who are beginning to learn the ayesha, this workshop is dedicated to building the proper form and balance to transition all of the weight to your arms with ease. We will cover entries and balance for elbow grip, true grip, twisted grip, and cup grip ayesha.

Pre-req: solid extended butterfly

7:00pm – 8:30pm: Ayeshas & Beyond
So you have your ayesha. Now what? This achievement is the foundation for dozens of beautiful shapes, tumbles, flips and combos. This workshop will cover some of the most beautiful and achievable of these skills so that you can take your ayesha and run with it (in some cases quite literally).

Pre-req: solid true-grip Ayesha

Workshops with Connie

Saturday, April 15

3:00pm – 5:00pm: Straps: Flares & Spins

  • comfortable hanging in long arms
  • confident inverting with straight legs
  • some spin tolerance is a bonus but I’ll bring some ginger candies!
  • an open mind and curiosity for spinning guided research

This workshop is designed for those that love to spin and those that hope to love to spin one day! I will start with a tiny bit of lecture/discussion on spinning techniques before we move into a guided warm up taking us from ground to air. We will look at different ways to start a spin, how to control and center your spin, and finally flare technique to inversions! We will also be experimenting with some anti-techniques as I like to call them for some exploration and potential silliness!

5:15pm – 7:15pm: Movement Prompts

  • comfort in the air on your chosen apparatus
  • come ready to play, watch, support, and create!

The art of play to create, it takes practice and sometimes some guidance! This is not a skillshop, by any means. We will not be working on tricks or anything so structured but rather work through a series of movement prompts to explore our relationship with our apparatus of choice. These prompts are handpicked for y’all from a library I like to use in classes and have published on my patreon. This workshop will start with a grounded, gentle warm up to get our bodies and brains ready to play and explore. I will have silks, sling, trapeze, and lyra rigged for different activities. You don’t need a huge aerial vocabulary to participate, just comfort in the air and a supportive attitude!