We are proud to turn our staff spotlight on Juli Bierwirth for April! While she’s taught at Canopy Studio for less than five years, she’s made herself indispensable as a teacher and performer. Her instruction in partner acrobatics, handstands, pole, and conditioning has made a huge impact on many students and on the Canopy community as a whole. She is a fierce believer in all of her students. Whether she’s cheering on her classes through another round of “Sally Up Downs” or expressing confidence that a new trick is attainable, she shows every day that her classes are for every body — regardless of age, ability, size, or learning style. Juli’s innovative perspective means she’s always devising new conditioning drills, novel aerial apparatus, or taking on new choreographic challenges (like a 14-person aerial/acro performance piece!) You can see her newest acro group choreography at the upcoming Dancing with the Athens Stars on April 6, as part of a benefit performance for Project Safe featuring Canopy students.

When she’s not at Canopy, you’ll find Juli directing Food Safety at 1000 Faces Coffee or teaching food engineering classes at Double Helix. She has a masters in Health Science from Johns Hopkins and is a registered dietitian, so she’s passionate about good food. Canopy’s teens learn from her nutrition classes, and Juli also sees individual nutrition clients privately. She’s a talented visual artist, an excellent cook, a committed volunteer, and Canopy’s very own superhero!