The Love & Friendship Show
@ The Marsh Studio, Darien, GA

November 5, 2022 @ 4pm & 7pm
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Canopy’s Rep Company is the Southeast’s oldest Aerial Dance Repertory Company, founded by Susan Murphy 20 years ago. After years of dreaming and hard work by Susan and Don, their friends, supporters, and early aerial dancers, the vision was manifested, and Canopy swung open the doors to the public in March 2002. From the very first show, through 20 years of dedication, love, and friendship, the Repertory Company has continued and now returns to the home studio of our “aerial parents.”

With this particular show, The Love and Friendship Tour, those who gave their hearts, made art and shared their joys and sorrows celebrate aerial dance as the vibrant art form it is today. This show is the result of 20 years of friendships and collaboration.

Like love and friendship, this show explores the joy and the trust, the quiet moments and the history that a person experiences with their chosen one. Audiences will be wowed by the talents of the performers on silks, lyra, circus bar, and dance trapeze. To witness this show is to see a person support another, guide their partner through gravity, catch a hand or foot, flip or drop, laugh and smile, and gaze with love at our closest friends. We welcome you to join us in this experience.

We are looking into our future, confident that we will continue to share this dream of Susan and Don’s for many years to come in Athens, at The Marsh Studio, and all over the Southeast.