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Saturday, 1/19/19 4-6pm: Bottoms Up: Inversion Technique

Advanced beginner to high intermediate aerialists, Silks and trapezes

Inversions are a fundamental part of any aerial discipline, but are deceptively complicated, and can always use improvement! This workshop will break down the movement into its constituent parts, and will inform students about the body mechanics involved. Whether they’re trying to invert in the air for the first time or trying to perfect that straight-armed, straight-legged straddle up, students will learn drills appropriate to wherever they are in their inversion journey!

Pre-reqs:students should be able to invert from standing on the mat (jumping and tagging of toes is ok!) and be able to hold a straddle and tuck inversion without support from the instructor.

Saturday, 1/19/19 6:30-8:30: Feldenkrais: Somatic Movement for Aerialists

All levels

The Feldenkrais Method uses movement as a resource for learning: we use principles of developmental movement and motor learning to help the nervous system teach itself more efficient ways of moving. The benefits of this learning can include reduced pain, injury prevention, increased body awareness, and physical-emotional integration. This introductory class aimed at aerialists will take students through movement experiments designed to deepen your physical awareness and give yourself new options for how to move through space.

Sunday, 1/20/19 12-2pm: From Act To Art: Making Impactful Performance

For high-beginner through advanced aerialists

Take your circus pieces beyond simply showcasing technique and into the realm of impactful, meaningful, 

memorable performance art. In this workshop combining discussion, deconstruction of aerial pieces from recordings, and creative exercises, students will get the tools to create pieces that land narratively, conceptually, and emotionally.

Pre-reqs: students should be comfortable navigating mounting, dismounting, and transitioning on their apparatus. Students should have the physical strength and depth of vocabulary to create short sequences in the air.

Sunday, 1/2019 2-4pm: Demystifying Drops: Intermediate Technique

For intermediate level silks and rope aerialists

Drops and dynamic movement are a highlight of vertical aerial apparatuses, but there is so much more to them than simply dropping into the right wrap. This workshop will look at the elements of body mechanics that go into controlling a few variations on dives, stars, and combination drops. This awareness and control is essential for students to move on to bigger drops and complex combination drops. 

Pre-reqs: Students should be familiar and competent with single stars and single saltos, as well as have the ability to invert cleanly in the air throughout the class session. 

About Sable Stewart:

Sable is in love with movement. They began their affair with performing as a teenager practicing street theater and object manipulation, and made it official when they attended the New England Center for Circus Arts as part of the Professional Track Program. They founded and now co-own Esh Circus Arts, Boston’s premier circus school, and have performed on stages up and down the continent, from intimate experimental shows to big-budget touring circus spectacular. In 2011, they were awarded Best Artistic Performance at the Aerial Acrobatic Arts Festival in Denver, CO. They incorporate their ongoing training as a Feldenkrais practitioner into their body-mechanically-focused teaching style. Sable loves the depth of understanding that comes from teaching movement arts to both professionals and recreational students, and they constantly look forward to the interaction and inspiration that come from working with their students.